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Making a business of the dead

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I get disturbed with those pictures of the dead- or of those in grief. Not because of the gore, but because I feel the dignity of the dead and the grieved is not respected. And these days you see more and more such stuff in an attempt to show off the “photojournalism”. Take a look at the award-winning entries at World Press Photo. Most of their award-winning photos are related to death or mutilation. The stories which we already know about and feel sad about. IMO, a good picture should tell a story, but it is bound by the same rules of decency that apply to written words! Only the 2003 winner is a sensible and very effective picture.

I’m sure there’ll be thousands of pictures from the recent earthquake in Kashmir. And then others will admire the picture framing, light, exposure, and so on.. Yuck! See the first pic on this page: pictures from the quake hit Valley.

As a side note, I found this site with daily photos. Beautiful pictures, but story-less indeed! But atleast he’s not offending my senses!

P.S.: I forgot to mention that the word press photo exhibitions are not free. One has to pay a hefty entry fee to enter the exhibition, as I found out some years back in Bombay. 



Written by ppatil

November 11, 2005 at 9:48 am

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