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Lightweight desktop applications and bloatware

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I get extremely irritated with those bloated applications that claim to replace proprietary softwares. One expects to have a lightening-fast desktop on a GNU/Linux system, but the common desktops on Linux put MS-Windows to shame when it comes to slow response. I don’t want to ridicule the writers (and users) of these, just wish that they were lighter!
My hitlist consists of (something similar to http://forums.designtechnica.com/archive/index.php/t-5557.html)

Disclaimer: I am not a complete text-mode or enerything-in-emacs type of guy. I do prefer GUI for many applications, and am willing to live with the 160 MB virtual mem of X.org because I don’t have a choice there!

  • GNOME/KDE desktop environment — I hate them! (more on that in a separete post)
  • Thunderbird/Evolution: why do you need 90MB memory footprint just for reading/organizing mailbox or reading newsgroups? Sylpheed (or better still, sylpheed-claws) is the way to go.
  • Firefox/Mozilla: once again, 100MB footprint! Haven’t found a good alternative- so I’m sticking with firefox for now, because I am so used to full-featured broswer which also looks good.
  • gnome-terminal: 15 MB for a terminal emulator- ridiculous! mrxvt has multiple tabs, supports FreeType fonts (no more DEC terminal font!), and occupies
  • gdeskcal: something like 5-6 MB for a desktop calendar! xfce4cal still does not keep track of appointments, and xdkcal does not have appointments. I’m still looking for a gdeskcal replacement.
  • Openoffice: once again, it’s too big for my tastes. Gnumeric, Abiword are not upto the mark, but since I don’t need to use Office software much (being a Latex junkie), I don’t complain much.
  • gkrellm is getting heavier, too 😦


Written by ppatil

October 18, 2005 at 7:33 pm

One Response

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  1. You taught me wmx. Why bother with all this then? I have always been a minimalist. My list is:
    * wmx
    * Mail – mutt
    * Browser – firefox – as you say for lack of better alternative
    * Terminal – plain old xterm
    * Office software – I prefer MS Office, all wars apart
    * Calendar software – calendar.yahoo.com
    I don’t see the need for gkrellm


    October 19, 2005 at 4:36 am

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